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Things are Hot & then they’re Not

Fishing Fire Island and the Back Bays is like visiting Las Vegas, either your HOT or your NOT.  Mother nature has quite figured out what she wants to do.  We get a few warm days, then we get a few cooler days with some challenging wind.  Some times it looks like the water may get into the high 60’s, and some days the water seems to be fighting to get below into the 50’s.  I believe this inconsistency that we see with our water conditions is playing a direct role in the type of bite we are having to start off 2023.

The Striped Bass as I type this have been insane between the Sore Thumb and Cedar Beach.  There may be a slot in there somewhere but I’ve never seen so many 40’’ fish gathered up in one place, patrolling one area for such a period of time.   Using Spot or the AllPro Flutter Pro Spoon is a sure way to get some action.  Jigs, SS Minnows can also draw their attention, but then you will need to battle through some nice size blue fish that are always not too far away.

The Weakfish have spread out.  For weeks they have been bottled up in the back bay area between Ocean Beach and Point of Woods, but now they are moving further back off of Heckscher Park and Nicholl Bay area.  Small plastics or small Spots will do the trick.  They rarely will say no to a longer jelly work or a lively blood worm.

And then you got Fluke or do we?  Of all of these fish, they have been the most inconsistent.  Yes, you can almost get a bite anywhere, but boy or boy you sure need to work for them.  As usual they seem to be gathering up in the State Channel between the various cuts, Babylon, Lindenhurst and Amityville.  We have been trying larger baits with little success.  We’ve been told that small baits have been attracting the bite, like small Gulp Shrimp or those 3’’ Minnows/Grubs.  You also need to work the muddy areas on both sides of the drain offs.  They are looking for an easy bite as the chilly water doesn’t have them overly active at the moment.

So 2023 is here!  Grab a pole and get out there.  And just as a reminder, AllPro will be hosting the AllPro Fair at 842 S. Wellwood Ave, Lindenhurst, NY.  There will be great vendors, free hot dogs, popcorn, face painting, cotton candy and a Live Band.  At the same time our AllPro Fishing Tournament will be happening.  If you’re not in the Tournament and want to join.  You can still do it by going to our tournament page.

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