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Fishing Reports… Two Schools of Thought… What’s Yours?

Lately I have noticed a couple of things.

1. There are more “Fishing Reports” than ever…

2. There is some Controversy or let’s say “Strong Opinions” about these reports.

Personally, I believe there are TWO types of reports.

a) THE FISHING REPORT. This report talks about the fish being targeted, where they were targeted, under what conditions they were targeted and what type of baits were being used. To me, a report like this is a true report that consists of useful information that just about everyone can use. Now I understand that some people have spent YEARS on the water to develop their “HONEY HOLES”, but if that’s the case and you don’t want to share the information WHY REPORT ANYTHING? What purpose does it serve? Which brings me to my second report:

b) THE EGO REPORT: This report usually will be accompanied with some photos of fish that were caught. You can almost feel and hear the writer banging on their chest as they write about how great they are as fishermen and how it was so easy to catch the fish. They rarely if ever provide any information that can actually help anyone (except that there is fish in the water), rarely will they provide general locations, conditions or baits/methods used. The TRUE EGO REPORTERS will even blur out the background of the photos.. LOLOL but for some reason they want to report their catch to social media!

I try sticking with the FISHING REPORT when I elect to speak about my days’ events on the water. I don’t really care about “Spot Burning”. If I did, why even talk about my activities on the water (hence I call it the EGO REPORT). If I come across a new location and I’ve scored some fish and I want to go back to that area to try it again, I’d likely not report on it at all, but eventually I’ll let the cat out of the bag if I want to speak about my days’ catch and activities.

I understand and appreciate the fact that most fishermen cannot fish 3, 4 or even 5 days a week. If they can get out twice a month they’d be overjoyed. Why not help a fellow fisherman? The funny part is those who quickly call you out for Spot Burning, are those who are always lurking on the blogs/threads , calling people and messaging buddies for the latest news on the water! For me, do what you want, but if you are going to REPORT on it… why not truly show that you’re a great fisherman and provide some information so that others can enjoy. Heck, if you’re that good, you wouldn’t really care who knew how you caught the fish because good and confident fisherman can always catch fish.

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