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Fishing Report for May 1 through May 7, 2021

I am going to try to provide detailed Fishing Reports at least once a week or more often if time allows. For those interested in a charter, email us at For those who don’t like to hear about Spot Burns.. don’t read the post. I am here to help others, and in doing so I will give up spots that I fished, good and bad.
AllPro Fishing Report… 5/4/21
Today was the first day of Fluke Fishing… I didn’t book any charters for today because I wanted to spend the time to hit a few known spots, then play around with some new spots. I won’t fish again until next week as I’m on my way this evening to NC to pick up our new boat, the AllPro 32′ Whaler.
I fished between 7:30a.m. and 11:30a.m. Water temp was a brisk 52 degrees.
I caught 4 Fluke. 2 may have been keepers (I don’t measure as I release most of the fish I catch) and 2 were in the 15-17” size.
I caught a north / northwesterly wind with the outgoing tide. I started out in the West Fire Island Channel trying to see if there was going to be any action off of the flats, into the channel. Not a single hit. I didn’t even get any good size marks.
I then fished that wreck in the channel. Marked some fish and threw some plastics at them. But not a touch. I also fished the bottom for Fluke, again, not a touch.
I moved over to an area called the Spanish House, which is basically the south side of West Fire Island. There was some bird action so I threw some plastics, nothing. I fished the bottom and got two hits, but didn’t hook up.
I proceeded to Ocean Beach and the Point of Woods area. I covered this ground on the bottom. I used Simple Teasers on a high/low with a 1oz Slayer Bucktail, White color. Nothing. I did pick up a couple of marks that may have been Weakfish, but they weren’t interested in my jelly worms or bass assassins.
I then continued to work the outgoing tide and fished Kismet. One run off, likely a small bass on a 1oz bucktail.
Because of the overcast I switched from white plastics, teasers, bucktails, to Chartreuse. I was rewarded quickly by grabbing 2 Fluke in the area of the Lighthouse. I continued to work that area, but didn’t get another hit.
Up until now I was all alone, no other boats around. I decided to move towards the bridge as we were getting closer to the last of the outgoing and I like to fish that area on a “lazy or slowing tide”. I set up with white on top, chartreuse on the bottom.
First drift I picked up an under fluke. Two drifts later I got another fluke, but likely not a keeper.
I then hit the south Captree piers as the drift was really starting to slow. Nothing for my efforts. It was now close to 11:30a.m. and I decided to head back in.
For those who are interesting in learning from my post, I would take away this. No one has all the answers. There is no magic. As you can see I had some success today because I worked at it. I hit several spots, put 30 miles on my motors and switched colors around. In this ever competitive area of fishing, this is what you’ll need to do to get a tight line on a slow day.
1. Fish teaser on top with Spearing (medium size)
2. Work white plastic on the bottom off of bucktail.
3. Focus on working off of the flats into deeper water. All my fish came in 10-14′ of water as it was dropping off into deeper water.

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