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© 2020 AllPro Charters Inc. All Rights Reserved.

© 2020 AllPro Charters Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Flutter Bait Jig
Flutter Bait Jig

Flutter Bait Jig


The AllPro Flutter Bait may be the most versatile jig fished.  The front consists of a keel in the center, than its flattened at the tail.  This creates insane action on the drop and an erratic darting action on a slow retrieve.  You can use the AllPro Flutter Bait jig as a slow pitch jig by jigging it on the drop, then jigging it along the bottom or a speed jig by allowing it to free fall, then reel it quickly on the retrieve through the water column.  No predator fish can resist the darting action. You can also use this Flutter Bait as a cast and retrieve lure as it will zig/zag on the retrieve and appear to be an injured fish.

The Flutter Bait screams quality.  The guidewire is throughout the lure so they can be used for large pelagics’.  Each Flutter Bait Jig is hand painted, foiled and coated to resist the toothiest fish.

Color Options: Blue, Pink, Silver Glow & Rainbow Glow
Weight Sizes: 2.8oz, 4.2oz & 6.4oz

ORDER THEM WITH THE OPTIONAL AllPro 3/0  250# Kevlar Double Assist GLOW Hooks at a discount!  This is the perfect size hook for the vast majority of Reef/Wreck Fish, Larger Stripers, Groupers and even Tuna.

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Blue, Pink, Rainbow Glow, Silver Glow

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2.8oz, 3 Pack Combo: 1 of each size, same color, 4.2oz, 6.4oz


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