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© 2020 AllPro Charters Inc. All Rights Reserved.

© 2020 AllPro Charters Inc. All Rights Reserved.
AllPro Mylar Flashabou (Sold in 4 Packs)
AllPro Mylar Flashabou (Sold in 4 Packs)

AllPro Mylar Flashabou (Sold in 4 Packs)


All orders include 4 Packs of Flashabou, 1700 strands!.
AllPro has this high quality Mylar Flashabou made to their specifications.  This ultra-quality Flashabou comes in Standard Flash and 3D Holographic styles.  Because there is no middle-man we can bring this awesome product to any fly, bucktail or jig tying enthusiast at the very lowest prices.
Strands per pack:  Min. 425-450  (you’ll see others charge for 300 strands or charge 2.5x our price but only give you 50% more)
Thickness of Strands: .30-34mm or 1/69″ (you’ll see others at .28mm and .25mm)
Length per Strand: 10.75-11″ (folded 5 1/2″)   This is not the 14” length style.
You’ll receive your order within days, not weeks or months.

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Improved smooth colored Mylar accent material. Used on many fly, jig and bucktail patterns.  Mix in with other fibers to enhance streamers and saltwater/freshwater baitfish patterns.  Standard & Holographic styles available

  • Smooth
  • Flexible but maintains its shape
  • Mylar
  • Great for all patterns
  • Durable in Saltwater and Freshwater
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3D Holographic Flashabou, Standard Flashabou

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AP-001 Red, AP-002 Silver, AP-003 Ocean Blue, AP-004 Sky Blue, AP-005 Green, AP-006 Copper, AP-007 Pink, AP-008 Soft Pink, AP-009 Purple, AP-010 Magenta, AP-011 Red, AP-012 Pearl, AP-013 Dark Blue, AP-014 Teal, AP-015 Rainbow, AP-016 Silver, AP-017 Purple, AP-018 Spearing Green

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