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© 2020 AllPro Charters Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Wang Butterfly Jigs – The MUST HAVE Lure
Wang Butterfly Jigs – The MUST HAVE Lure

Wang Butterfly Jigs – The MUST HAVE Lure


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The Wang Butterfly Jig provides fluttering action on the way down and just insane crazy action on the way up. This specially designed and weighted jig drops slowly in an erratic pattern on the way down to attract fish and darts “all-over” on the way up. The fluttering pattern is irresistible to all species of fish and works in all sea conditions. You can fish it in a drop/stop/drop pattern, a Squiding drop and quick retrieve pattern, cast and retrieve or just drag and bounce it along the bottom. The Wang Jig catches everything from Fluke (Yes, Fluke!), Striped Bass, Mackerel, False Albies, Tuna, Snapper (all species), Grouper (all species), Walleye, Bluefish, Sea Bass, Porgies and the list just goes on.

It comes in 60g/2.1oz (great for shallows or slow drift days), 100g/3.5oz (ultra versatile), 160g/5.6oz (when you need that extra weight) and 200g/7oz (It’s Tuna Time!!).

Don’t miss out on the TackleBox Special: 1 Tackle Box, 9 Wang Jigs (1-200g, 2-160g, 3-100g, 3-60g) and 9 AllPro Double Assist Hooks (4-5/0, 5-7/0) for just $79.99 (reg. 110.50) Over 25% of savings!

QUALITY:  Don’t be fooled by less expensive imitations.  The Wang Jig line connector and hook connector is one solid wire that completely goes through the lure.  So you can be self-assured that when you get the big one on, he’s not coming off!

We sell them without the hook so you can use your preferred set-up but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND our custom made Double Assist Flasher Hooks. The Double Assist Flasher adds more attractant and action. They are custom made with stiff 16 strand braid to avoid tangles.  They are ultra sharp and strong. They come in sizes 5/0, 7/0 and 9/0.

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1 Pack 100g (3.5oz), 1 Pack 160g (5.6oz), 1 Pack 200g (7oz), 1 Pack 60g (2.1oz), 2 Pack 100g(3.5oz lures), 2 Pack 160g (5.6oz lures), 2 Pack 200g (7oz), 2 Pack 60g (2.1oz lures), 3 Pack 100g (3.5oz lures), 3 Pack 160g (5.6oz lures), 3 Pack 200g (7oz), 3 Pack 60g (2.1oz lures), 4 Pack Variety 100g/3.5oz (Silver, Pink, Blue/Yellow, Green/Yellow), 4 Pack Variety 160g/5.6oz (Silver, Pink, Blue/Yellow, Green/Yellow), 4 Pack Variety 60g (Silver, Pink, Blue/Yellow, Green/Yellow), Wang Jig TackleBox (save over 25%)

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Blue Sardine, Blue/Yellow, Green/Yellow, Pink Eye, Silver Herring, Silver Herring, Pink Eye, Blue/Yellow, Green/Yellow, TackleBox (200g Blue/Yellow, 160g Green/Yellow, 160g Pink Eye, 100g Silver Herring, 100g Pink Eye, 100g Green/Yellow, 60g Blue/Yellow, 60g Silver Herring, 60g Green/Yellow


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