Jig Skirts with Open Eye 6/0 Mustad


2 per Pack!  Looking to get more action with your Diamond, Slow Pitch or High Speed Jigs or just want to refresh your old hooks?  The AllPro Open Eye Jig Skirts are the perfect solution.  Each Jig Skirt is built on a Mustad 6/0 Ultra Sharp OPEN Eye Hook.  This allows you to simply place your AllPro Jig Skirt onto your jig and close the eye.  There is no need for split rings or the concern about other moving parts.  Our Jig Skirts won’t interfere with the action of your jig but will give it a better profile to entice the bite.

AllPro Jig Skirts are custom orders and come 2 in a package.  You Choose your Skirts, then Choose your Tentacles and submit your order.  AllPro Jigs Skirts come in a package of 2 (same custom color per package).

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