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© 2020 AllPro Charters Inc. All Rights Reserved.

© 2020 AllPro Charters Inc. All Rights Reserved.
FLARE Pro Teaser (No Bait Teaser)
FLARE Pro Teaser (No Bait Teaser)

FLARE Pro Teaser (No Bait Teaser)


The Flare Pro Teaser was developed to be fished without any bait.  In most teaser applications fishermen would use plastic grubs, squid, spearing or other baits to enhance their teasers and to influence a strike.  The Flare Pro Teaser is more effective than other teasers because of its complete and fluid profile that simulates distressed prey.  “Flares” aren’t new to the fishing game.  People all around the world have utilized various versions of the Flare Hawk jig to catch a wide array of species.  At AllPro we took our knowledge and created a durable and effective teasers that actually works better without bait!  The action of the tail flares in the water with the movement of the water.  Any predator in the area looking for a meal will quickly see that the Flare Pro Teaser is easy prey and will strike it with a vengeance.

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Flare Tail Colors


Hook Size

5/0 (recommended), 4/0, 6/0, 7/0, 3/0 Circle

Head Color

White, Red, Orange, Chartreuse, Light Blue, Glow


Silver 3D, Gold 3D, Solid Red, Glow

Body Color

White, Aqua Blue, Dark Blue, Chartreuse, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Red

Flare Tail

White, Chartreuse, Red, Yellow, Orange, Royal Blue, Kingfish (light) Blue

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